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EM Technology, Bokashi and probiotic gardening

Wednesday 5th April 2017

We will explore the work of Doctor Higa who (re)discovered EM Efficient Micro-organisms and
the multiple applications of this technology. This technology is applied in - probiotic gardening (natural farming) the aim is to create a healthy environment for the plant and creating a barrier for pathogens. " If the goodies are there the baddies can't come in."
- Use in water and purification and soil remediation,
- Organic waste management convert in highly effective organic fertilizer (bokashi)
- probiotic feed for animals suppressing the need for antibiotic.
- building and health etc,

Your speaker:
Since his training in Thailand in 2004 Michel D’Hondt has been producing EM technology products; Bokashi, EMA, EM5, FPE and Biogenic Manna as well as a probiotic and mineral supplement line in his D'Hondt and Sons Bio-fermented Super Food family business

Family Friendly


April 5


7 - 9pm


Mapua / Moutere / Motueka


Community House, Motueka
Northern end of Deck's Reserve Carpark, opposite the Information Centre.

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

Koha - suggestion $5


Ph. 022 102 3842


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