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The Central Challenge

Sunday 28th May 2017

Forget about cake stalls and Jumble sales-
Nelson Central School has come up with a new idea for fundraising that promises to offer exercise, teamwork and a whole lot of fun.

The Central challenge is a Rogaine and Mini Gala. It will be a day packed with family fun, spot prizes, stalls, games and activities. The main event is the first ever Central Challenge Rogaine.

What is a Rogaine? well, Its a bit like a treasure hunt really:
* Participants get a map and questions.
* Each Question has a number which relates to a point on the map.
* Answers to the questions are revealed at the location marked on the map
* You need to visit the locations and answer as many questions as possible in the time allowed.
* Points are taken off for every minute you go over time and for incorrect answers.
* Some Questions are worth more points, ( depending on how difficult they are to reach)
* The Aim is to find as many answers as you can before time runs out.

There are two courses: one designed for families and younger children and a more challenging course for over 12's and experienced Rogainers.
After the challenge, spot prizes and raffles will be drawn.

Postponement date: Sun 18 June

Family Friendly


May 28


Registration 11 am


Nelson & suburbs


Nelson Central School
70 Nile street, Nelson

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

Individual $5 Family (up to 5 ) $15 Register on the day


Ph. 0211624140

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