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Enviroschools Time Travel Challenge

Monday 9th-Friday 13th April 2018

Nelsons Primary School families are being set a challenge to travel to school in healthy, active ways all this week. The kaupapa is to respect the environment and re-live transport from our past (and future) in the first week of Nelson Heritage Festival. Look out for children walking, cycling, hoop rolling, skating, or even perhaps on horses on their school run this week. There are points for the most active trips and bonus points for heritage themes such as their dress up efforts.

The winning school will receive a free assembly and workshop package from Tanya Batt the acclaimed international Story Teller. All the winning classes from each school will also win prizes.

Family Friendly Free


April 9–13


School run times during the first week of Nelson Heritage Festival


Nelson & suburbs


Primary school runs across the city

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

Only open to Nelson City Primary Schools and their pupils though everyone benefits from reduced congestion and pollution


Ph. 035460331

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