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Advanced Research and Emerging Issues in the Field of Virology

Monday 3rd-Tuesday 4th December 2018

VIROLOGY 2018 welcomes all academics, scientists, industrialists, professionals and students across the globe to this exalted event focusing on the theme “Advanced Research and Emerging Issues in the Field of Virology”. The conference highlights are as follows:
Virology and Viral Diseases
Molecular Virology: Virus structure and expression
HIV, AIDS and other Emerging Viruses
Viral Immunology
Epidemiology and Evolution of Viruses
Animal Models in Virology: Mimicking the nature to study virulence, pathology and pathogenesis of viruses
Deadliest Viruses
Clinical Virology: Clinical Trails & Diagnostics
Control of Viral Infections and Infectious Diseases
Human Virology and Infectious Diseases
Plant Virology
Viral Oncology/ Cancer Virology
Virologist: Education and Career
Chronic Diseases


December 3–4, 2018




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