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A Nelson Institute and Friends of the Nelson Library talk

Sunday 20th May 2018

'The Fungus Amongus', an illustrated talk by Bill Malcolm on the secret life of lichens.
Fungi cannot make their own food, but they nonetheless thrive because they have evolved ways of getting food from other creatures. Some of them take on algal and bacterial partners that can make food by trapping sunlight. That "life style" is called a lichen.

This illustrated talk explains how a lichen's partners interact, shows what lichens look like inside and out, and recounts the bizarre uses they've been put to over the centuries.

'New Zealand Lichens' , written and illustrated with his late wife, Nancy Malcolm, is Malcolm's most recent book, and was published in January 2018.



May 20


Start 2pm


Nelson & suburbs


Elma Turner Library
27 Halifax Street, Nelson
The Activity Room

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

$2 pp at the door.