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National Play Month performance - The Queen's Gambit

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Celebrate National Play Month at the Library!

The Nelson Repertory Theater will be giving a free performance on September 22nd in the Elma Turner Library.

The Queen's Gambit is a Murder Mystery play which has hints of Agatha Christie in style. It is set in NZ in 1961, in a semi rural community. A family reunites to celebrate the birthday of the Mrs Grenshaw, a well
off woman who raised her grandchildren in the villa in which the play is set. A murder takes place, and a soon to be retired Police Inspector must flush out the culprit. The audience is invited to guess who the
murderer is before the story fully unfolds. It runs for about 45 minutes. written by local Nelson writer Susanne Smith.

Sunday 22 September
Red Wall, Elma Turner Library



September 22, 2018




Nelson & suburbs


Elma Turner Library
27 Halifax Street, Nelson

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