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Spitfire - Summer Film Festival

Sunday 30th December 2018-Saturday 26th January 2019

"The aura surrounding the Spitfire is more a post-war phenomenon than a war-time thing. It was just an instrument of war then," says one of the few remaining RAF Spitfire pilots still alive. As this documentary makes crystal clear, the iconic World War II fighter, which has since been idolised and romanticised, was a design of practicality made to do a job.

The film traverses the Spitfire's history but rather than roll out a bland history of sequential events, documentarians David Fairhead and Ant Palmer have mixed up the Spitfire's tale with a plethora of anecdotal stories from the people who made, delivered, and flew the craft.

A lively marriage of archival and modern-day footage spurs proceedings as it covers the aeroplane's crucial use in the Battle of Britain. Sparsely narrated by the very recognisable voice of Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), his resonant timbre and clipped British accent provide the kind of regal gravitas to match the iconic plane's Rolls-Royce Merlin engines that growl throughout.


December 30, 2018
January 11, 26


30th Dec - 5pm, 11th Jan - 5.30pm, 26th Jan 2.00pm


Nelson & suburbs


The Suter Art Gallery and Theatre
208 Bridge Street, Nelson

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

Adults $14 before 5pm, $17 after, Seniors/Children $12

Tickets from State Cinemas Nelson ph. 5483 885.


Ph. 5483885 ext 1

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