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Generosity and how to develop it

Wednesday 27th February 2019

The development of generosity is a step on the path to waking up to the sublime nature of reality as it is, beyond hope and fear. Generosity is the antidote to the tightness of grasping.

We will consider what makes an act truly generous and how it is of benefit to the ‘giver’ as well as the ‘receiver’... and also, what is this grasping all about anyway.

Keith Rowan has, since 1973, travelled 5 continents studying Buddhism. He has been fortunate to have had teachings from many great Buddhist guides and mentors. He has been sharing the Dharma and facilitating retreats for over 20 years in several countries. Keith’s real skill though, is in taking the core essence of Buddhism, and making it accessible to the western mind and practical for today’s world.

6.45 pm Wednesday 27th February (after the optional 6 pm meditation)
COST : Free. Any donations to the Buddhist Centre are appreciated.




February 27




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Nelson Buddhist Centre
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