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Yoga & Live Music

Sunday 19th May-Monday 17th June 2019

Two options:
1. Sunday 19 May, 10am - 12pm
Venue: Wellness Movement
2. Monday 17 June, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Fairfield House

Join Tanya Nock (music) and Lisa Allan (yoga) for two hours of bliss! The room will be snuggly warm and all set up with different restorative yoga stations. You choose your starting place, get comfy and relax as Lisa guides you inward and Tanya plays Indian music on a variety of instruments. Instead of changing your props around you simply roll/crawl/glide to your next station and sink into your new pose. Don't worry, Lisa will make sure you know what you are doing!

Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to reset your nervous system, to switch from busy (fight/flight/freeze) mode to resting (rest/digest) mode. We give our bodies and minds a chance to stop, to sort things out and to heal. The different instruments will support this process by surrounding and bathing you in beautiful vibrations. All of this at the time of the full moon so you can both connect to yourself and to the cycles of our planet.

This session is suitable for anyone craving some nourishment, come join us!

Family Friendly


May 19
June 17


19 May: 10am - 12pm (doors open at 9.50am) & 17 June: 6.30pm - 8.30pm (doors open at 6.20pm)


Nelson & suburbs


Wellness Movement (19 May) & Fairfield House (17 June)

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Ph. 02102654000

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