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The Boy with Wings

Thursday 20th August 2020

As autumn closes in, the Kuaka/Bar-tailed Godwits take flight beginning their long migration from New Zealand to Alaska, striving to live out their life cycle to its fullest.
The success of this mission relies on gritty determination and their trust in some kind of ‘inner map’ that guides them to their ‘treasure’ – the northern breeding grounds that assure them of continued life. This process is nothing short of a miracle and watching them take to the sky in awe is Jack-the-Everyman! As he sets out on a journey of his own to seek his ‘treasure’, he looks up to the sky and makes a quiet wish that he will be able to find his own wings.
Two parallel stories are told; a present-day lecture on the miracle of Godwit migration, and a fable that follows Jack’s adventure to save his ancestral orchard.

Fresh from the John Bolton theatre school, Birdlife Productions presents this ‘work in progress’ showing in its developmental stage. Experimenting with puppetry, original songs and projection, they combine traditional storytelling with contemporary theatre forms. Suitable for ages 5 to 95!


August 20


6 pm


Nelson & suburbs


Nelson Centre of Musical Arts
48 Nile Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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Ph. 2108184524

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