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Venetian Obscura, Attenborough's Question and St Brigid's Eve

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Venetian Obscura
Venetian Obscura plays out through an array of blinds, costumes and props to create filmic clips unfolding over the course of 25 minutes. Three vignettes reveal intriguing tales of local importance. The story steps from the page through three characters who play before a special black and white 2D roomscape.

Attenborough’s Question
David Attenborough, at 90, vividly recalls a mysterious event 70 years earlier on the remote Fijian island of Koro, unaware of the young islander who has the answer Attenborugh has been longing to know.

St Brigid’s Eve (PG13)
1792. In the midst of a scarlet fever outbreak a boy wakes from a fever-dream deeply agitated by a chilling vision. Years later the nurse who attended him, alone in a remote farmhouse and tending to her desperately ill baby, tries in vain to keep the memory of his vision at bay.


August 19


6 pm


Nelson & suburbs


Nelson Centre of Musical Arts
48 Nile Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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From $13

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Ph. 2108184524

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