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‘The Nature of our Nature’ Mikaela Marshall

Monday 18th January-Saturday 13th February 2021

An exhibition of works from contemporary artist Mikaela Marshall that examines our collectivity, our autonomy and our sense of 'I'.

'Within the inner of our collectivity there has become a desire and a desperation to preserve an autonomy. This autonomy requires the existence of another, it is entirely relational, and being disembodied, or dissociated of one’s self from the body indicates that one’s body is not only operating to comply with others, but is actually in the possession of others.

This mode of being with others in the world presupposes one’s capacity to maintain one’s reality, preserving an inner identity from outer sources, by eliminating direct access from without.

In gating our inner world’s we are losing our sense of self and we are caught in a perpetual cycle. There has become an ‘I’ who has not ceased to exist, but is without substance, is disembodied, an ‘I’ who lacks the quality of realness, who has no identity, and who has no ‘me’ to go with them.'



January 18–23, 25–30
February 1–6, 8–13


Nelson & suburbs


Refinery ArtSpace
114 Hardy St, Central City, Nelson

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