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Hatha/Restorative Yoga with Sue Ransom

Wednesday 20th January-Wednesday 24th February 2021

Bring a little calm into your life in 2021...

In this delicious mid-week rejuvenator you'll move through postures co-ordinating your breath with mindful awareness, stretching and strengthening. Then you'll invite a deep sense of relaxation into your body and mind in comfortably supported postures using bolsters, blocks and blankets (provided), allowing yourself time to restore and replenish. So the first part of these sessions will be active, with a relaxation part that's longer than in purely Hatha Yoga sessions, and supported postures will be held for longer, listening to music and using other relaxation techniques such as visualisations :) Everyone welcome.

You'll enjoy:
* Small and friendly sessions
* Practicing in a lovely, private space in a convenient, central location
* An unpressured environment where options are given throughout practice
* Recharging your batteries :)

For more information and to book please contact me.

Sue Ransom Dip Yoga Teacher (IYTA)
Svastha Yoga of Krishnamacharya: Therapy Program - Yoga Psychology for Well-being, Stress, Anxiety Certified

Facebook: Sue Ransom Yoga


January 20, 27
February 3, 10, 17, 24


6pm to 7.15pm




Church Hall, Holy Trinity Anglican Church
27 Dorset Street, Richmond

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

$75 for the course


Ph. 0273912431


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