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Elevated Emotions - Maico Camilo

Monday 25th April-Saturday 21st May 2022

My work demands us to discover for ourselves what we perceive we are seeing. My current projects are essentially hiding the obvious within the artwork itself, deliberately diminishing the clarity and then the final step within the artwork is creating a linear view of the world, providing the definition that we are searching for in each piece. In this way I am drawing the viewer into a state of reflection.

The title of Elevated Emotions evokes in all of us the turbulent nature of our human emotions – from highly exuberant, colourful state of being, to a state of being more melancholy, dejected and dark. I am playing with the relationship between vibrant, and black and white colours, in my more recent works; exploring this elevation of emotions, from more optimistic and uplifting, to more pessimistic and disenchanting.
So, these different perspectives enable each observer to relate to their own emotional response to each work.

Family Friendly Free


April 25
May 21


10 - 5 pm Mon - Fri Sat 10 - 2pm


Nelson & suburbs


Refinery ArtSpace
114 Hardy St, Central City, Nelson

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