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Hard - Boiled Wonderland - Finn Chadwick

Monday 25th April-Saturday 21st May 2022

Hard-Boiled Wonderland is a sculptural and multi-media installation inquiry into the myriad possible relationships between popular-culture, science fiction and science fact.

An ontological investigation both object-orientated as well as a form of philosophical questioning.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland reflects upon the histories of contemporary technocratic western culture embedded within the material detritus of the real world.

Inevitably, this involves engagement with both fictitious and factual narratives.
Operating under a guise of pseudo-science, objects and documents referential to research, form a quest for logic both within and without Hard-Boiled Wonderland.

Image: Blue Facade (2019) [Detail]

Family Friendly Free


April 25
May 21


10 - 5 pm Mon - Fri Sat 10 - 2pm


Nelson & suburbs


Refinery ArtSpace
114 Hardy St, Central City, Nelson

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