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Rainbow Rogaine

Sunday 20th February 2022

The activity is people running and hiking in daylight hours in the Rainbow Ski Area boundary. Set in the alpine basins that surround Rainbow Ski Area, Nelson Lakes region, we have planned a 3-hour course that will encapsulate what is unique and special in the area. Having the ability to drive to 1550-metres above sea level and begin the event there is exceptionally unique for a rogaine of this length.
Rogaining is a cross-country navigation event where teams of 2 - 5 people visit as many checkpoints as they choose in the 3-hours. The checkpoints are free-choice and have different point values so strategy and route selection becomes a vital component. A form of orienteering, it combines tramping, navigation, competition, and strategy. The event caters for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm - but keep in mind this event is in the mountains, using only a map and compass, it’s a bit like a tramping treasure-hunt.

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February 20




Nelson Lakes / Murchison


RainBow Ski Area

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Ph. 0274266734

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