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David Seymour Real Change Tour

Tuesday 19th July 2022

“ACT is listening. Developing good policies that improve the lives of New Zealanders starts with really listening to the concerns of people and having honest conversations.

“We have a cost of living crisis, local communities struggle to get the infrastructure they need and crime is getting worse. Kiwis have overwhelmingly told us that New Zealand is moving in the wrong direction.

“A healthy economy means it shouldn’t take longer to get permission to do something than to do it. Government departments shouldn’t grow every year just because they can. People should be rewarded, not punished, for their efforts.

“Thriving communities should be built on freedom and personal responsibility. A gang shouldn’t be the best career path for kids in any town. Welfare shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice. Schools should be equipping kids to navigate the 21st century instead of pushing the Ministry of Education’s latest dogma.

“We need a Kiwi Identity where every child has the same rights. We shouldn’t divide New Zealand into tangata whenua and tangata tiriti. We’re a modern, multi-ethnic democracy.


July 19




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Trafalgar Centre
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