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Hair Brushing circle for women

Saturday 6th August 2022

Remember when your mama or your grandma brushed your hair? Wasn't it the best feeling of all and you just wanted them to never stop? Would you like to experience this again?
If so, this amazingly relaxing Women's Circle is for you.
I've been brushing women's hair for the last 3 years to reduce anxiety and help people cope with stress.
Come to this circle and I will guide you through the most relaxing experience. We will be working in pairs so if you would like to come with your mama, daughter or friend that’s brilliant, even if you don’t have a body it’s all good we will match you with someone nice on the day.
You are welcome to bring your favourite brush or use any from my collection of massage tools, combs and brushes.
Please note:
*This event involves touching each other's hair and may not suit everyone. Before signing in, please consider if you are comfortable being touched by someone else.
*This event is queer-friendly, if you identify as a woman, you are most welcome to be part of it.
*We believe that we are safe in the circle of women, all women.
A $5 koha to cover the venue hire will be helpful ♥

Family Friendly Free Alcohol Free


August 6


4 PM


Nelson & suburbs


Cultural conversations
Morrison Square, Nelson

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