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Crossing The Threshold

Saturday 3rd September 2022

Welcome to an evening of showing up. An authentic coming-out story. Jaime will share a handful of original songs about a transition, a story told with soul poems of the mytho poets such as David Whyte, Mary Oliver and more. It will map a pathless journey of the personal/collective unravelling and the possibilities that exist to marry ego and soul in service to the Great Turning.

You will receive the bare-boned story of a local human hungry for community, a concert, some poems of the heart from the heart, a chai, a tasty treat and dance if you want to stay for that. All for the generous sum of $20 upwards. All proceeds to kick start the emerging charitable trust, Centre for the Great Turning. '

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September 3


7.30am - 9pm


Riverside Community Cultural Centre
289 Main Road Lower Moutere, Motueka
Free off-street parking on site, wheelchair accessible

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Entry $20

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