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Nelson Fringe Festival: Soundpainting with Alvaro Moreno

Saturday 16th March 2024

Join Alvaro Moreno for a unique and immersive experience: Soundpainting is a captivating multidisciplinary live composition technique that unites music, movement, and theatre in a dynamic artistic collaboration.

Utilising a universal sign language, known as Soundpainting gestures, a Soundpainter directs a group of performers to spontaneously create a unique and immersive performance in real-time.

This innovative approach empowers the conductor to guide musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists through a vast palette of possibilities, including tempo changes, sound textures, movement motifs, and emotional expressions. Soundpainting transcends conventional boundaries, enabling a fluid and interactive exchange between the conductor and performers, fostering a sense of collective creativity and exploration.

The result is a mesmerising live experience where the audience witnesses the birth of an ever-evolving composition, brimming with spontaneity, improvisation, and artistic synergy.

Cultural Conversations is a place where we want everyone to feel they belong.

Genre: Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Improv
Age Rating: 14+

Alcohol Free


March 16


4:00pm - 5:45pm


Nelson & suburbs


Cultural Conversations
Morrison Square, Nelson

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$10 - $20

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