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TUKU 24 - Kanohi Kitea (The Seen Face) Public Talk with Louisa Paul

Wednesday 1st May 2024

Kanohi Kitea (The Seen Face) public talk is an opportunity to hear from the curator, Louisa Paul, as she provides detail about the selection of the exhibition pieces and celebrates the artists who created them. You will also be invited to hear from our people who wear Moko Kanohi (facial markings) as they share their journey with you.

There will be a question and answer time towards the end where you will be able to interact with the panel.

Louisa Paul (Ngāti Koata, Ngāti Toa, and Ngāti Rangiwewehi), celebrates the art of raranga (weaving) and moko kanohi (facial tattoo) through her work. Raised in Te Tauihu, her creative journey was influenced by her Aunty Shirl and the supportive community. Louisa’s exhibition, “Kanohi kitea” (the seen face), at The Suter Art Gallery, explored the cultural significance of moko kanohi, a permanent and proud declaration of identity. The exhibition honoured the individuals who have embraced this tradition, reflecting their roles as parents, professionals, and leaders. Louisa extends her gratitude to all who carry the moko, acknowledging their shared heritage and identity.


May 1




Nelson & suburbs


The Suter Art Gallery and Theatre
208 Bridge Street, Nelson

Tickets, Bookings and Entry

$10 adults, $5 for tamariki (children) and rangatahi (teenagers)

Tickets from Tickets available from the front desk at The Suter. Call 035484699 or email ph. 035484699 .


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